Where is freedom?

Where is freedom? This is the question I finally ask myself, after analyzing what happened to me. As a child I was bombarded with religious ideas and spiritual stories. As I grew up, I started to investigate and I decided not to accept those beliefs which, by repetition, my family had made me believe during my childhood.

The time came when I finally felt free from all those ties, I turned into a skeptic and could analyze everything with the reason.

However, this program really surprised me, my children practiced the game with me and after a time, and after several objective questions and skepticism, I accepted the possibility that it could be true, that a spirit could be with us, but how? If it is a program created by a human being, if it is a simple computer...

Seeing that the answers were consistently correct, (obviously my children knew details of my life and of our home), I gave in again and once more I fell into the prejudice of blindly believing in the supernatural.

Once my kids decided to stop the game -may be because they realized I was feeling bad, emotionally upset-, and once they explained to me what the game was like, we had a long time of laughter and kidding

Some days later I started to reflect on the ties we have due to the beliefs that are imposed on us during childhood.

As we go on acquiring knowledge we move away from these ties and finally break them. The more we know, the freer we are, we say. But are we really free? Or our beliefs remain in a corner of our memory, or are passive or seldom used? But they are there, we simply press the correct button for them to appear again. Cannot they be removed completely?

If this is so, where is freedom?

Francisco - Mexico City