The trick

While the Ouija board has always presented doubts about the authenticity of its functioning, this new Virtual Tarot is explained by the following trick:

How does Peter Answers work?

The user (while writing the petition) enters the answer without our realizing it.

How can I enter my own answers?

You can enter an answer by writing a dot (.) in the textbox "Petition". In its place a letter "P" will be shown.

Then you have to write the answer (and while you write the answer the petition will be shown).


In <Petition> enter a dot (.) followed by the answer. Add another dot after the answer.
In its place part of the petition will be shown (Peter).
Complete the petition with the remaining part: ( please answer).
Write the question, press <Send> and the answer will be shown.

What is the point in entering my own answers?

It makes sense if you show it to other people. They will see that Peter is answering to their questions.