Objective of Peter Answers

The objective of the program Peter Answers is to demonstrate that sometimes, before mysteries that we can’t explain (in this case that "Peter" answers) we get to believe things that are not true.

This harmless program tries to demonstrate that there is always an explanation for everything, even when that explanation is not always at our hands.

The origin of beliefs

Since the beginning of the history of humanity, mankind tried to find an explanation for each phenomenon. Each time that explanation was far from their rational understanding, a new myth, legend, belief and even religion was born.

With the pass of the centuries, many of these enigmas started to be revealed by science. Even then, there were people that didn’t want to see the truth, and kept being loyal to their beliefs.

Nowadays beliefs

Now, in the XXI century, the place that the beliefs take on everyday living is still astonishing.

A proof of this is the wide diffusion the Horoscopes have on newspaper, radio stations, TV and even cell phones. Added to this issue is the prediction fever, where books written by astrologers reach the point of being Best Sellers in some countries.

Respect is the key

On this ambit is fundamental the respect to other people beliefs.

However, we hope that this program will make you think twice before believing on a supernatural phenomenon.

So, after your experience with Peter Answers... to believe or not to believe?

Well, that’s up to your criteria...