Frequently Asked Questions

Why the program is not answering to my questions correctly?

To make Peter answer is necessary to know the trick. This trick is explained on the The Trick menu of this website.

The Trick

There is any way to make Peter answer precisely without using the trick?

No way! The only possible answers that Peter can give are the ones obtained by using the trick or the ones proportioned by the program when the AI module is activated.

How the FA module works?

The Frequent Answers module, makes a syntax analysis of the question and detects certain keywords. The answer is derived to a subgroup of possible phrases and finally one is selected randomly. Of course that these are evasive phrases. This is only activated when the trick is not used.

What do we have to do to uninstall the program?

The online version does not require any installation, that is why it is not necessary to uninstall.

What are the system requirements?

The current version is compatible with all the most popular web browsers.